Internet Boat Buying

In the last few years the market for buying and selling boats has moved online.  No longer do people have to rely on brokers or put a classified ad in a magazine and wait for the phone to ring. 


The likes of eBay, Apollo Duck, Boats & Outboards for sale and others have changed all that forever. Now in front of your screen a few mouse clicks away are all the boats for sale in the world at your fingertips.


So having access to a huge number of boats for sale is a very real benefit, however, just because the boat is easy to access online doesn't mean that it will be located around the corner.


This where Salient Marine Surveys can help with the following services:


Viewing | Valuation Survey | Transport


We can view the boat you are interested in either together or we can attend without you.  Conduct a valuation survey for you to ensure that the boat is worth the price agreed on and then we can trail it to your home berth if it is trailerable.


This service can save a lot of money in costs.


If it is larger, we can deliver it by sea or have it transported by truck.


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