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About Sailent Marine Surveys

The Personal Touch


This is what makes Salient Marine Surveys stand out from the crowd.


What do we mean by the personal touch? Simply put, we spend time at the start of our engagement, either face to face or by phone, understanding what you want to get from your investment in the boat or yacht and this leisure pursuit.


This includes understanding what type of boating you intend to do, because the requirements of a single handed day sailor are very different from a couple who want to go long distance, blue water cruising.


We also ascertain what your approach is to boat maintenance, are you a keen DIY’er or do you have other people look after that for you. We establish your view on cosmetic defects, for some they are not an issue, for others that would be a problem.


With this information we can then tailor the marine survey report to your requirements. For example, the implications of a small cosmetic defect to a keen DIY’er who doesn’t expect an immaculate boat, will be very different to someone who likes the boat just right, but has to pay someone else to carry out repairs.


Armed with this background understanding we can then tailor each survey report to your own personal requirements and include hints and tips on how to get the best from your investment.  


That is what we mean by the personal touch when it comes to our marine survey services.  Why not contact us for a free, no obligation chat and consultation.



Professional and Personal Service


Newcomer to boating or salty old sea dog, power or sail, if it floats and you would like to deal with a professional, experienced and friendly yacht surveyor who really cares, you have come to the right place.

Why not give us a call for a friendly, no-obligation chat or fill in the enquiry form.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Pre Purchase Survey


Fallen in love with a boat?  Unfortunately, love is blind and those little defects that you may have overlooked could seriously damage your health and your wealth! Appointing a boat surveyor could pay for itself and more.  Learn more.


Insurance Survey


Ageing is inevitable, for boats and their owners.  So if your insurance company is telling you they want a survey, get in touch and we can arrange a professional, competitive quote for you.  Learn more.


Boating Newcomer


The excitement of becoming a boat owner can be tempered by being unsure of your ground and concern over making a costly, bad decision. That's where we come in, friendly expert advice delivered in a non-condescending manner. Learn more.


Remote Boat Viewing - Video or Live


The internet means you have all the boats for sale in the world at your fingertips.  However, they can be physically located far from you or work commitments mean you can't view it in a reasonable timescale. We can help with a "Video Walkthrough" either live or recorded. This means no more wasted trips to boats that are not as they were described in the advertisement.


 Learn more.